5th Annual MICE Arabia & Luxury Travel Congress

The 5th edition of the MICE Arabia & Luxury Travel Congress 2017 is emphasizing the tremendous opportunity for outbound business & luxury travel from the Middle East. This exclusive congress has been designed with a view to bring suppliers from all over the world to meet the senior level executives from the GCC who are the final decision makers on all procurement solutions for MICE & luxury travel activities. With a power-packed congress that will keep you asking for more, the conference consists of discussions, networking opportunities and pre-scheduled one to one business meetings that will ensure that you are up to date on the latest trends and will help you learn new ideas that would revolutionize the way we look at MICE and business travel. The 2016 edition of the MICE Arabia Congress boasted of a whopping 1800 meetings during the two day period and with the 2017 edition, we intend on raising the bar even further for the event. The congress will revolve around creating a link between travel & hospitality suppliers and business travel buyers so as to facilitate the process for corporates to host MICE & luxury travel related activities in different regions around the globe.

This congress would provide Middle Eastern buyers and international suppliers the opportunity to meet one-to-one so as to streamline the process of hosting travel events in various regions around the world. The intention through this event is to provide a global platform with an exciting exchange of information and ideas, pooled with industry related discussions and debates with top leaders, influencers and decision makers.

The MICE Arabia & Luxury Travel Congress 2017 revolves around sealing business deals and getting the most out of the pre-arranged business meetings. The congress is a powerful initiative to harness the immense potential of the MICE industry in the Middle East with the surety of generating long lasting business relations and producing an abundance of revenue!

2017 Speakers

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Over 50


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One to One prearranged business meetings

Pre-qualified VIP buyers

Luxury travel

Dynamic boutique event

Fantastic ratio of sellers to buyers

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The 4th edition of the MICE Arabia Congress 2016 brought together an outstanding total of over 300 attendees from over 50 destinations worldwide.


Here is what the attendees of the MICE Arabia Congress 2016 had to say.